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15 March 2014 @ 10:20 pm

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03 December 2013 @ 11:21 am
I really, really am alive this time!! It's gonna be Christmas soon, so I'll be buried in projects til then, but i swear to post/update on LJ from time to time. I don't want to abandon it!

I had a tiny bit of trouble reviving my LJ account, since I hadn't used it for so long. It's part of why I was so inactive for a while - cuz I was too lazy to go to the trouble of activating it again.

ANYWAY! Talk to me, old friends!

Next time I go offline, I swear I'll make a notice or something
02 June 2013 @ 05:37 pm
NOT DEAD YET.It takes more than just a year of school to kill me off 
I've been absent from LJ since I got into Tumblr - damn Tumblr is addictive.

Now that I've gotten the how's and whatsonots about Tumblr, my personal opinion is that I like it a lot, it's addictive and fun, but I prefer LJ for things like communicating with people (comments I missed you) and ranting. Although I'm not sure who's still on LJ, sob.

I just wrote an entry cuz I wanted to revive my ever-dead LJ... If anyone is still lurking around here, please tell me! It might take a while, but I'll get back to you all eventually!!

PS: Oh, btw I'm totally obsessed with Shingeki no Kyojin right now.
PPS: I'm going to Korea again! I hope there are some goodies by the time I get there!!! Time for another Travel diary, ne?
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29 March 2013 @ 04:53 pm
So I got totally addicted to tumblr. gehageha, you warned me but it was too late T_T
I've been on it nonstop for days, and then my friends just had to go and recommend me an MMORPG to play.

Some good things: I bought a tablet, started drawing (except for the fact that I suck, lol)

Also, it's Spring Break... but I've done nothing but loft around while playing games and going on tumblr, and it ends tomorrow :sob:

I can't wait for summer...
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04 February 2013 @ 04:57 am
Nowadays I can't do anything. I just don't have enough passion for school, and I don't have enough energy for scanlations.

School's getting depressing. I just simply don't care anymore.
The Science Fair was due last week, I still haven't typed up the results. And now I'm on LiveJournal.
Precalc is getting unbearable. I just can't wait til we're done. I should have just taken Statistics. Ugh.

I'm so damn lazy. I can't do itttttt....

So here's basically what's going on...

To be, or not to be... I hate Shakespeare!!Collapse )

Um, I wanted to rant really badly...? /shot
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23 January 2013 @ 10:22 pm



Are you making us wait yet another week for there to be any progress in the manga???


I appreciate that you're working hard to create an amazing manga for us and so forth, but I hate you at times like these.


I still forgive you for all the slash hints you put in the manga, though.

05 January 2013 @ 06:10 pm
Original Post fro http://toffmikin.tumblr.com/post/36136052920/new-korean-laws

New Korean Laws - 아청법


The Korean government has recently passed a law that says, in it’s most basic form “Anyone found as a creator, seller, or buyer of materials containing adolescent pornography will be punished as a sexual offender.”

Okay, well, that makes sense to stop the production of such things, they’re no good after all, right?

This wouldn’t be such a problem if the ules weren’t as ambiguous as hell.

More specifically, the law states the following counts

  • Any appearances that could be seen as a teen/child
  • Any type of pornography from explicit sex to being semi-nude (think mini skirts or swimming suits)
  • Any media from illustrations, games, videos, films, etc.

Of course, it is purely up to the investigator to decide if the subject is an adolescent or not, or if the act is porn or not.

This means I could draw an 80-year-old man in just shorts, and be sent to jail if the investigator thinks the man looks like a teenager in a revealing outfit.

Jail?  Surely I am exaggerating? But no, it is the truth: people who are caught breaking this law can be either sent to prison for several years or fined a 20,000$ equivalent, and they will lose their job in the entertainment industry.

Who’s in danger?  Anyone who is a South Korean citizen, regardless of where they live.  Illustrators and animators in America can be removed with no consequence, and even small freelance artists and game developers can lose their jobs and have their projects revoked.

Personal privacy is no issue either; sending a picture to a friend via SMS can and will land you a place in jail if the material is considered adolescent porn.  Even worse, the government has set up a system where people can get paid for turning others in who violate this law.  One person had even linked 1700 personal websites, many of which were casual art blogs for Korean artists.

How can you help first, stop reblogging the works of Korean artists on Tumblr, and delete any posts if the original post has been deleted.  Even if the original post is gone, Tumblr will still link to the blog that posted it, revealing the creator. econd, spread the word.  Let people know that this new law has already caught hundreds of artists whose art i considere pornographic only by the police. Finally, respect those who have decided to delete their website or blog.  They have done it to ensure that no one can falsely turn them in or be unfairly thrown in prison.

This a ridiculous law, but it’s been passed and has caused a huge issue in the South Korean online community.  Any media before September 2012 is safe, but after that the law is in place.  Please help South Korean artists to stay safe!

EDIT The previous site led to a 404; th owner of said site has offered to answer any questions and comments about this law at he Tumblr(Considering she is a citizen as well as an artist, she has more experience and knowledge then I)

Sources 1 2 3 The first two links are in Korean: the first one is an official Korean government site, and the second one is an article summarizing it.  The third link is in English!)

That's it. I'll be taking that US citizenship, please.
I don't want to be Korean anymore.

This is depressing, to say the least
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14 December 2012 @ 03:47 pm
*****UPDATED 12/03/13********
Selling Kuroko no Basuke doujinshi!
I take PayPal and I ship international.
All doujinshi are in Korean unless stated otherwise.
Reasonable offers taken - don't hesitate to bargain with me!


Kuroko no Basuke


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H2: My Wolf-kun / hash / Kise x Kuroko / PG / $20
H3: Love Starts With A Confession / Mokupi / Kise x Kuroko / PG / $18


H4:  Our Kurokocchi Shrank / Mixberry (ddok) / Kise x Kuroko / PG / $12
H5: A Normal Everyday Afternoon / Mixberry / Aomine x Kuroko / PG-13 / $15
H6: Lock Me In Your Heart / Mixberry / Kise x Kuroko / PG / $15


NEW H7: Eat Me, Please / Mixberry (ddok) / Aomine x Kuroko / R-15 / $15
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NEW H9: 同床異夢 (They say the same thing and each mean it differently) / Mixberry / Kise x Kuroko / R-15 / $15
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34275175_p035025728_m tumblr_inline_muid9lzYK91rew8rx

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NEW H12: Another World #3 / Y.Tea / Kise x Kuroko / R-15 / $17
NEW H12.5: A Story About Kise Rescuing Kuroko Who is Being Bullied / Y.Tea / Kise x Kuroko / PG-13 / $12

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(Another World 1 is unavailable, sorry)

black bloodred bloodwhite blood

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13 December 2012 @ 06:26 pm
So I return to the World of Living, yay.

The last few months were hell. I didn't realize just how much I used to slack off in school.
So, I vowed to do better and worked for that goal.

The result? I haven't made progress on any translation/anime series/manga series.

So, I'm back. For the time being.
[rant]Collapse )
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*****UPDATED 12/03/13********

Selling Durarara, Magi, Inazuma Eleven, KHR, FMA and DGM doujinshi.

The prices are not set in stone, I take reasonable offers.
Samples available on request.

All doujinshis are Korean unless stated otherwise.



A1: The Owls are Watching / MIJN / All Chara Gag / PG / $15
A2: Home Sweet Home / Sunflower / Tsugaru x Psyche / PG / $20 SOLD
A3: Triple Harmony / Sunflower / Tsugaru x Psyche x Delic /PG / $20 SOLD

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tokyo incidentwaldam4_13582

A4: Tokyo Incident / Various (Anthology) / Shizuo x Izaya / PG-13 / $55 (Around 150 pages) SOLD
A5: Ikebukuro 24 Hours / Sunflower / All Chara Gag / PG / $15 SOLD

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic


B1: Lost Without You / Sunflower / Sinbad x Judal / PG-13 / $20 / Text in Japanese
B2: Queen Maker (Princess Maker Parody) / MIJN / Various Pairings / PG / $22
B3: Secret Garden / mememery (hash) / Sinbad x Judal / PG / $15 SOLD

Inazuma Eleven


C1: MOMENT / Ayamo (Jerom) / PG / $18
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Katekyo Hitman Reborn!


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D4: Red Mafia / Jerom / VariaCentric / PG-13/ $16
D5: That Day When the Sunlight Shone Brightly... / Sheryl / Hibari x I-pin / PG/ $15
D6: Smile Again (Anthology) / Mokupi (Collection 2008-2009) / Hibari x Tsuna / PG / $65 (Around 110 pages)


D7: The Glorious Moment of You and I / Mokupi / Hibari x Tsuna / PG / $15
D8: Crush (Rapunzel Parody) / Mokupi / Hibari x Tsuna / PG-13 / $20
D9: Lucky Day / Mokupi / Hibari x Tsuna / PG / $15

Get the complete Mokupi KHR collection (**Smile Again, The Glorious Moment, Crush, Lucky Day) or just $90!
**Smile Again doesn't include the other books here. They were all printed afterwards.


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D15: Italian Holiday / Miss Orange / Dino x Hibari / PG-13 / $20


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Fullmetal Alchemist


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D. Gray Man


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F4: Cat and Dog / Mokupi / Allen x Kanda / PG-13 / $20 (ONLY SOLD AS A SET WITH F5)
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